Patent published on October 31, 2023

Patent Promises 'Walker's Virtual Reality Glasses' Could Reinvent Banking Transactions

Donning a pair of glasses is a daily necessity for many. But imagine if those glasses could also take care of your banking needs, such as transferring money? Patricia A. Walker's recently published patent under the number US11803828B1 highlights this intriguing possibility with a patent titled "Financial transfer system using a wearable gadget for simultaneously visually perceiving physical surroundings in a field of view of a user and visual outputs on a display of the wearable gadget". A mouthful, yes, but in simple terms, this patent is about a pair of glasses that help you manage your finances.

Today, everyday financial transactions can be a worrisome chore, stung by security concerns over card-based transactions, and the hassle of visiting an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for cash. Particular concerns involve the authenticity of bank cards being used for transactions, as magnetic stripe cards with microprocessors to verify authenticity can be more expensive to produce. This leads to a pressing question that's been plaguing both the banking industry and consumers alike: how do we ensure convenient and secure financial transactions when transacting digitally?

The glasses outlined in the patent strive to handle this problem. Imagine a pair of glasses that double as your personal bank. Your voice is the command, and the glasses listen. To transfer money, you just tell your glasses who the beneficiary is and how much to transfer and voila, it's done! Furthermore, these glasses could significantly accelerate the use of voice-based commands in financial transactions, a field presently dominated by physical and digital keyboard inputs.

A world with Walker's Virtual Reality Banking Glasses is not just fascinating, but transformative. Consider this everyday situation: You're dining at a nice restaurant, and when the bill comes, you put on your glasses, view the bill, and instruct the glasses to pay it from your account. There's no need to swap cards, no fear of card data being stolen, and no more waiting for the machine to process payments. It's financial transactions with a futuristic twist!

But as with all technology, patents don't necessarily translate to market-ready products. While these glasses appear promising in offering a secure and easy alternative to bank account management and cash transactions, until they are developed, tested, and released in the market, we can only envision the possibilities.

P.S.- Walker's Virtual Reality Banking Glasses are just a patent currently. As with all patents, we don't know for sure if these glasses will ever end up on store shelves, let alone change the way we bank. But they certainly offer a fun, futuristic twist to our view of financial transactions.

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