Patent published on August 3, 2023

Walmart Apollo's Smart Search: A Personalized Query Experience

Welcome to the world of smart search! With the help of Walmart Apollo's patent US20230245199A1, you can now have a personalized query experience.

Search engines are vital for most of us, but often they don't show us what we want. We end up typing in more and more queries, which can be tiring and time-consuming. But now, Walmart Apollo’s patent has made it easier for us to find what we need quickly.

The patent involves a system that uses information about what people have looked for in the past to create query suggestions for the user. It then re-ranks these suggestions based on the user's current query, so that the most relevant results appear first. This system also takes into account user preferences - for example, if one user often searches for ‘shoes’, the system will suggest ‘shoe store’ instead of ‘clothing store’.

Walmart Apollo’s patent includes a graphical user interface which changes based on the customer journey graph. In other words, when a user searches for something, the interface changes according to what the user is looking for. This helps the user find what they need more quickly. The patent also includes a method for ranking the queries according to their relevance. This ensures that the most useful results are shown to the user.

The patent also mentions a number of technical features, including a server-side query suggestion engine, a client-side query suggestion engine, and a query suggestion database. All these features work together to make sure that the user gets the most relevant results.

Walmart Apollo’s patent could revolutionize the way we search for things. Instead of typing in numerous queries, the user can get the information they need with just a few clicks. This could save time and effort, and make searching a lot easier.

At the same time, this technology could be used in many different industries. For example, it could be used in retail to help customers find items quickly. It could also be used in healthcare to help patients find the right treatments.

It is important to note that since this is a patent, there is no guarantee that this technology will actually come to market. However, it is clear that Walmart Apollo is investing in technology that could revolutionize the way we search for things.

So if Walmart Apollo’s patent US20230245199A1 comes to market, it could make searching a lot easier and more efficient. It could also help users find what they need more quickly, saving them time and effort.

Whether this patent comes to market or not, it is clear that Walmart Apollo is investing in technology that could make searching a lot easier. So if you’re looking for a way to simplify your search experience, keep an eye out for this patent.

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