Patent published on September 5, 2023

Walmart's Patent Could Reinvent Online Advertising Timing

In a world where online advertising is rapidly evolving, Walmart Apollo steps in with a brand-new patent titled "Real-time dayparting management". This patent, numbered US11748779B2, steps up to resolve major issues advertisers face today.

Advertising in the online world is a tricky business, finding the right balance between reaching the potential customer at the perfect time and finding a time-slot that gives maximum gain is a challenging task. Traditionally, this has been handled manually which is a time-consuming process and prone to errors. It gets especially challenging when managing time-sensitive factors like holidays or sudden surges in demand.

Addressing these issues, Walmart's recent patent has brought forward a unique method. It uses historical data to predict how much revenue can be generated from each click on an advertisement at any given hour. By determining the most lucrative times to display these ads, it enables businesses to maximize their profits. Further, it sends this information to a system in a search engine, making the ads smarter and more impactful.

Post-launch, one can anticipate a significant transformation in the era of online advertising. Imagine a world where ads are synchronized with your schedule so seamlessly that they appear precisely when you are most likely to engage with them. Businesses will no longer worry about whether they hit the right audience at the right time – that is all managed efficiently by this smart system.

As for how folks would use it, here's an example. Consider a local coffee shop wishing to advertise its new seasonal drink. Instead of risking their ad getting lost among thousands of others during peak hours, this technology would allow them to reach potential customers in non-peak hours when their customers most likely check their phones. They can maximize their ad exposure, and in turn, get more out of their advertising budget.

While this all seems like a revolutionary change in the world of online advertising, it's vital to remember that this is a patented technology. There is no guarantee we will see it come to life in the near future or even at all. Patented technologies often take a while to materialize in market, if they materialize at all.

In conclusion, Walmart Apollo has proposed an innovative solution to tilt the scales of online advertising in favor of businesses. While only time will tell if we get to see this in action, there is no denying that it has potential to revolutinize advertising in the digital age.

P.S. As this technology has just been patented, there is no guarantee that it will be implemented in the market. But if it does, it might just change the future of online advertising.

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