Patent published on September 14, 2023

Patent Promises Easier Payments with Wistron's Angled Antenna Watch

In our busy world, mobile payments have become the new norm. Just a touch of your digital device, and you're done – transaction successful. But it isn't always as easy as it sounds. Despite near field communication (NFC) technology, which allows our devices to communicate within close proximity, there are limitations. While most digital devices adopt planar antennas for such communication, their placement often under the screen or on the circuit board, restricts the induced magnetic field's range.

Struggling to align this magnetic field with a payment reader during transactions often requires users to twist their wrists uncomfortably – a far from ergonomic experience. This indicates a visible and tangible problem in our swiftly digitalizing world, with the patent, US20230291105A1, from Wistron proposing an intriguing solution.

The patent describes a wearable gadget, similar to a watch, equipped with an antenna, but with a twist. This antenna, instead of lying flat, is tilted at a specific angle on the device's base. Wistron's patent asserts that this angular placement expands the induced magnetic field's range, and thus, the device's proximity to the reader no longer pins the success of the transaction.

Imagine going to your local grocery store, and instead of awkwardly turning your wrist to pay via your smartwatch, you simply glide it near the reader in a more natural movement, saving time and physical discomfort. This would be possible because of the broader range of magnetic field induction that the angled antenna allows.

On top of that, the patent mentions a 'hot-key' function - a kind of shortcut to application functions, improving efficiency. This could mean that, in the near future, you might be able to assign your frequently used applications like your payment app to a 'hot-key' making it even more convenient to use.

However, like any patent, US20230291105A1 demonstrates conceptual grounding for the Wistron device. It does not guarantee the product's arrival in the market - but it definitely leaves us with a tantalizing glimpse of easier, more convenient mobile payments.

P.S. Please note, this article is based on a patent, which is essentially an idea protected by law but not necessarily brought to life in the market. Therefore, while the patent's implementation hints at fascinating possibilities, there is no assurance it will manifest in an actual product.

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