Patent published on February 8, 2024 Patent: Creating 3D Pictures from Regular Photos for Virtual Experience

In a breakthrough for the world of virtual experience, the patent US20240046551A1 titled "Generating Geometry and Texture for Volumetric Video from 2D Images with a Limited Viewpoint" holds the key to creating 3D pictures from regular photos. This innovative solution, brought forth by YOOM.COM, aims to solve the core problem of generating a volumetric video when 2D images from various angles are unavailable.

The current absence of comprehensive input angles poses significant difficulties in generating a complete volumetric image. Areas of the subject that were not visible in the initial 2D images, such as the back or hidden sections, often lack the necessary geometry and texture, leading to artifacts like mismatches in color, pattern, or geometry between adjoining areas. Additionally, discrepancies in resolution between higher-resolution portions generated from the visible areas and lower-resolution portions created by computational algorithms for the originally-invisible sections can further degrade the quality of the resulting image.

To address these challenges, YOOM.COM's patent introduces a systematic method for generating geometry, texture, and resolution by utilizing a limited number of 2D images. The process involves acquiring the available 2D images and converting them into a 3D volumetric image. However, this initial volumetric image may contain gaps or holes where geometry and texture information were missing. For instance, if a single frontal image of a subject is available, the entire back portion would be absent.

A significant aspect of this invention is the generation of high-quality results despite limitations in computing power when dealing with the volumetric image's back. YOOM.COM's solution ensures that the portions of the volumetric image derived from the visible sections maintain higher quality in terms of resolution, detail, and reduced artifacts. To bridge the quality gap and harmonize the overall look-and-feel, various simplification techniques come into play. These techniques involve matching the resolution of the front and the back portions, employing a skeleton or center of mass representation, and superimposing patterns that conceal resolution discrepancies.

The integration of this patented technology has the potential to revolutionize virtual experiences by enabling customization of effects superimposed on top of the volumetric video. As a result, the landscape of virtual reality will witness a transformation, granting users the ability to generate immersive 3D pictures from regular photos. For example, one can envision creating a virtual environment where people can interact with historic figures or enjoy lifelike 3D representations of loved ones captured in regular 2D photographs.

While the possibilities seem endless, it is essential to note that this is a patent unveiling a groundbreaking solution rather than a guaranteed product set for immediate market release. Nonetheless, YOOM.COM's innovative approach ushers in new horizons, fueling our aspirations for a more captivating and engaging virtual realm.

P.S. It is important to mention that as a patent, the appearance of this technology in the market and its commercialization is not assured. The patent US20240046551A1 sheds light on a significant advancement in generating 3D pictures from regular photos, but its availability for consumers will depend on multiple factors, including further development, market demand, and commercial considerations.

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