Patent published on July 13, 2023

Yossi ABUDY Introduces Innovative Water Activity Board with Cloud-Based Connectivity

When it comes to water activities, safety and security is of utmost importance. Yossi ABUDY, a company based in Sweden, has recently introduced an innovative board that can help people stay safe during water activities and also monitor the environment around them.

The board, which is patented under US20230219664A1, is equipped with sensors that are designed to measure temperature and humidity in the water. This data is then sent to a cloud-based database, where users can access it remotely. This technology has the potential to help people make informed decisions about their water activities and stay safe in potentially hazardous conditions.

The board is designed to be used in a variety of sea environments, including hidden beaches, marinas, and breakwaters. It can also monitor any obstacles, icebergs, and buoys in the water. With its sensors, the board can potentially identify any dangerous marine life habitats and provide warnings about them, such as sharks, sea snakes, jellyfish, stingrays, sea urchin, and whales.

The board is also equipped to measure the power of the waves, which can be incredibly dangerous and powerful. This technology can help people be better prepared for wipeouts and other dangerous situations that can be caused by waves.

The board can also help in detecting riptides, which are powerful currents that can easily sweep away a user. In cases when a user is trapped on the reef, or separated from their board, the board can help identify the best way to return safely to shore.

With this board, Yossi ABUDY has made a great innovation in the field of safety and security for water activities. While it remains to be seen whether this patent will come to market, it is clear that this technology has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of people who take part in water activities.

Yossi ABUDY’s board could revolutionize the way people experience the sea. With its cloud-based connectivity and its sensors, it could provide an unprecedented level of safety and security for people who take part in water activities. It could help people make informed decisions and stay safe in potentially hazardous conditions.

Ultimately, the success of Yossi ABUDY’s board will depend on whether or not the patent is approved and the product is brought to market. Until then, we can only speculate on the potential benefits this technology could bring. Nevertheless, we can be sure that if the patent is approved, Yossi ABUDY’s board will be an innovative and game-changing tool for water activities.

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